Music is the symphony of Nature, whereas art paints the nature with vibrant colours and dance is the soul of these xpression.

It helps in creating sensitive and kind individuals. Delhi Public School Rau is a day boarding school which has initiated the process of creating awareness of music, art & dance among the young Dipsites. A block is dedicated for the cultural enrichment which is known as “Isle of Xpression” where any child can pursue his/ her area of interest. In music, students can select either learn to sing or play instruments like drums, congo, banjo, pakhawaj, synthesizer, violin, guitar etc. In Art we offer painting, art, craft, pottery and sculpture. In dance, students learn western and classical dances. Already the students of Delhi Public School Rau are proving their mettle in different competitions. The department of Music, Dance and Art is lead by a team of well qualified & experienced teachers.

Dr. Shraddha Jagtap
MA, M.Phil, PHD, Sangeet Visharad

Abhishek Shrivastava

Arjun Saraf
B.Com, Grade-6 Piano

Ashish Vyas
Music (Keyboard)
M COM, MFA, Sangeet Visharad, DEL ED

Ashwini Mahadik
Music (Vocal & Violin)
M Music, Diploma in Vocal & Violin

Manoj Singh Borliya
Music (Drum & Tabla)
BA, Folk Music Diploma

Ambika Joshi
(Classical Dance)
BE, Dance-Kathak

Trapti Kshirsagar
Art & Craft BA, MA

Ankur Khatua
(Western Dance) B.Sc., Diploma in Odissi Dancing

Abhisek Chatterjee