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Ranked No. 2 in Indore & No. 3 in MP by Education World

Delhi Public School Rau, Indore

Empowered with the trust which DPS has gained within the community of Indore for the last 17 years, Jagran Social Welfare Society in collaboration with Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi launched DPS Rau in 2019. This is the second Delhi Public School in Indore and is based at Rau, Indore.

It is a world-class DAY BOARDING SCHOOL for providing quality education with exceptional sports facilities. Sprawling in the picturesque 36-acre campus in the heart of the city, the school is working with a mission to help every student reach their full potential. The school, even in its early years, has set a benchmark in both academic and co-curricular fields thereby providing students with a headstart for a successful career in all spheres of life.

Ranked No #1 in India under the category of campus Architecture and design by Education World School Grand Jury 2022-23
Awarded the 6th Best Co-ed Day-Cum-Boarding School Education World India school ranking 2021-22
Awarded as India's No.2 in Campus Architecture and Design by Education World School Rankings 2019-20

Why Study at DPS Rau ?

Being acknowledged as one of the best schools of Indore and proliferated in a sprawling 36-acre campus, Delhi Public School Rau is an inspiring environment, with many feathers in its prestigious cap, for ambitious young minds to embrace the world with all its diversity.

What's Happening @ DPS Rau, Indore

Happy International Mother Language Day! Where in India, even Siri goes mad when it comes to language 🤖🤣 Let's celebrate our linguistic carnival, where every state has its own tongue-twisting adventure. From the smooth flow of Malayalam to the rollercoaster ride of Punjabi, we've got dialects that could make Google Translate break a sweat. So, whether you're fluent in 'Bambaiya Hindi' or 'Pure Bhopali', let's raise a toat to the vibrant chaos of Indian dialects and the joy of being lost in translation. Here's to the language barriers we break, the accents we mimic, and the laughter that unites us all... even when we're just nodding and smiling! 🎉🗣️ #MotherLanguage #dialets #hindi #language #peace #loveislove


Embarking on the journey of excellence😁 DPS Rau's inaugural batch takes flight in the year 2023-24, marking the beginning of a promising era. Each step forward lays a solid foundation for success, epitomizing the school's commitment to nurturing future leaders. #school #sucessmindset #peace #graduation


Protecting our environment isn't just about saving trees; it's about securing our future.😊 Let's nurture nature, for it's the ultimate life-support system.😇 An educational trip to Pagdandi Ecofarms and Rescue Centre on February 8, 2024, enlightened Class 3 students about environmental conservation and wildlife rescue.👏 They explored diverse flora and fauna, witnessed animal rehabilitation, and engaged in interactive sessions promoting eco-friendly practices. 🍀 The experience left a lasting impression, inspiring students to champion environmental stewardship and wildlife preservation. #SustainableLiving #ClimateAction #GreenLiving #EcoFriendly


Transcendence 2024 -Inspiring Excellence, Shaping Futures😊 Where dreams take flight and futures are forged🏆 With hearts full of hope and minds ablaze with possibility. It marks the culmination of years of dedication, resilience, and unwavering determination. ✨ Under the sprawling sky of achievement, Delhi Public School Rau Indore witnessed a symphony of emotions and accomplishments as we bid farewell to our First batch of esteemed Grade 12 students on their Graduation Day. The day unfolded with a regal March past, a harmonious dance of unity, led by the Student Council, class teachers, Chief Guest Rajesh Mittal - President of Isuzu Engineering Business Centre India President and Managing Director of Isuzu Motors India and an executive board member of both companies. Shri Hari Mohan Gupta - Pro Vice Chairman, Delhi Public School- Bhopal, Indore, Kolar Road Bhopal, Rau Indore, Shri Abhishek Mohan Gupta - Pro Chancellor - Jagran Lake city University, Dr. Dharam Verma - Director School Academic Development JSWS, and Principal Delhi Public School Nipania Indore As dawn broke, the lamp's glow invoked Goddess Sarasvati's blessings, marking the start of our journey. Graduates tackled symbolic puzzles, receiving mementos from Chief Guest Rajesh Mittal. Parents were honored in a touching tradition, followed by musical performances and words of motivation from Mr.Rajesh Mittal and Pro VC Sir ignited the DPSITES . Ms.Nair Principal encouraged the graduates The event ended with the national anthem, uniting us in pride. As we don our caps and gowns, we transcend the confines of our past and embrace the boundless horizon of tomorrow. Together, we stand on the threshold of greatness, poised to soar to new heights and conquer the unknown. #graduation #schoollife #thankyou #gratitude


On World Cancer Day🎗️ let's wrap our arms around the brave young warriors in India and ignite hope in their hearts. From superheroes battling villains to princesses with an unbreakable spirit, every child facing cancer is a beacon of strength and resilience. Today, we celebrate their courage, their laughter, and their unwavering spirit to fight. Together, let's paint the world with colors of love, joy, and endless possibilities as we stand by their side, offering support, comfort, and a promise of brighter days ahead. #KidsFightingCancer #WorldCancerDay 🎗️🌟


🎗️On World Cancer Day let's wrap our arms around the brave young warriors in India and ignite hope in their hearts. From superheroes battling villains to princesses with unbreakable spirit, every child facing cancer is a beacon of strength and resilience. Today, we celebrate their courage, their laughter, and their unwavering spirit to fight. Together, let's paint the world with colors of love, joy, and endless possibilities as we stand by their side, offering support, comfort, and a promise of brighter days ahead. #KidsFightingCancer #WorldCancerDay 🎗️🌟


#Delhi Public School Rau # Transcendence


“A memorable outing to treasure” Every picnic is an opportunity for new experiences. On 30 Jan 24/ Tuesday, DPS Rau organized a picnic to Nehru Park for students of classes 1 & 2. All students enthusiastically participated in this outdoor activity. Picnics provide a serene atmosphere that encourages self-reflection. It is crucial to give children some space to discover themselves in the midst of Mother Nature. This has been achieved today through the conduct of this picnic. The purpose of this visit was to expose young minds to the wonders of nature. The trip to the park left a lasting impression on the young minds, motivating them to take responsibility for their environment and maintain cleanliness in their surroundings.


"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever" Mahatma Gandhi In his final moments, he invoked the divine, telling us the inseparable connection between spirituality and his mission for humanity.😇 His life of difficulties and unwavering determination show us that despite facing countless challenges, Gandhi ji never lost hope. His belief in nonviolence and perseverance inspired millions. 🥰 His martyrdom serves as a reminder of triumph of truth. Today, we honor his legacy by embracing his values of peace, unity, and justice. Let us draw strength from his example as we strive for a better world. Gandhi ji's teachings continue to guide us, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, hope and courage can light the way forward.🙏 #DPSBhopal #Gandhi #peace #education #bhopal


'Education for all'😇 "Lala Lajpat Rai Hero of India's Freedom Struggle" Imagine a brave hero who fought like a lion for India's freedom! That hero was Punjab Kesari 'Lala Lajpat Rai' Just like a lion protects its pride, Rai protected his country from the British rule.🤗 He used his strong voice to speak up against unfair laws and inspired many to join him in protests. Rai believed that education was the key to a brighter future, so he started schools to help children learn. Even though he faced dangers, he never gave up but his courage and love for India continue to inspire kids and grown-ups. Believe me! Its hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but its harder to give up when you know its everything you want.😎 #youngleaders #dps #education #peaceful


"Empowering the Voices of Tomorrow" ✨ At Delhi Public School, Republic Day wasn't just a celebration; it was a platform for our youngest patriots to shine! 🎉 From unfurling of flag to heartfelt address by the Chief Guest Col.Naren Babu Sena Medal,CO AMU MHOW & splendid athletics mesmerized the audience Our little stars dazzled with confidence as they shared their thoughts on the essence of democracy and unity through different acts. 🌟 With every word spoken, they echoed the spirit of our nation's founding principles. 💬 Encouraging self-expression and fostering leadership from an early age, we believe in nurturing not just academic excellence but also the courage to articulate ideas. 📚🎤 Here's to a future where every voice is heard, and every dream is nurtured. 🌈 #RepublicDay #YoungLeaders #ConfidenceInAction"


Happy Republic Day, young scholars! 📚 Let's cherish the values that define our great nation. Draw inspiration from the visionary Mahatma Gandhi, who incorporated the principles of non-violence and equality. 😊 As we celebrate our rights and freedoms, let's pledge to follow his ideals by learning, leading, and doing good for our country. Each of us holds the power to make a positive impact. Seize the opportunity to foster unity, diversity, and progress. On this special day, let's honor our constitution and commit to being responsible citizens who contribute towards a brighter and more inclusive India. 🌟🤝 #RepublicDay #InspiredByLegends #LearnLeadServeIndia"


"Why did the pencil apply for a job in an Indian school? It wanted to draw a better future for itself!"😁 From Chanakya to APJ Abdul Kalam we have the worlds best real-life examples to lead a life worth living.😃 We have it all!🤓 Today! 🥳celebrating International Education Day with the timeless wisdom of such awesome personalities remember, life's exam doesn't just test your knowledge; it also grades you on kindness, humility, and resilience.🤗 🌿Much like Kalam sir, let's aim high, dream big, and always remember that success and failure are just different pages of the same book.😊 And hey, if life gives you a tough question, give it a tough answer.🤪 Just imagine Kalam's smiling face saying, 'Don't worry, it's an open-book test!' 😁 Try to think like Chanakya for life problems to live a life like Chandragupta😎 Embrace the journey, learn from every chapter, and don't forget to add a dash of laughter – after all, even the greatest minds appreciate a good sense of humor. 😁 🚀🌟 #delhi #delhipublicshool #EducationDay #KalamWisdom #chanakyaneeti #LifeLessons #peace #love #students #student


‘A person can rise through the efforts of his own mind and can sink through the same mind ’Bhagwat Geeta' 🎉 Delhi Public School Rau Indore participated in the beautiful legacy at Sahodaya Schools Complex Indore👏 🏆✨ Our school just set a world record by showcasing the incredible life of Lord Rama through a breathtaking 41,900 handmade drawings! 🎨🌈 Students poured their hearts into this monumental project, celebrating the rich cultural heritage and spreading the essence of unity and creativity. 😊 🌍🙏 Witness the power of art and devotion as our halls transform into a mesmerizing tapestry of divine tales. 🕊️💖 #ProudSchoolMoment #LegacyOfLegends #InspiringGenerations #ArtisticAchievement #EpicSagaInDrawings #SchoolPride #CelebrateCulture
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