MUN Session 2022-23

Session 2022-23


“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

Event: Model United Nation
Venue: Delhi Public School, Nipania, Indore

Date: Friday, JULY 8 -10, 2022.


Himanshu SinghShri. Jitendra SinghLOKSABHABest Delegate
Zainab PithawalaDelegate Of United KingdomUNSCSpecial Mention
Agrim  SoniShri. Rajnath SinghLOKSABHAHonorable  Mention
Kushagra TantedDelegate Of QatarDISECVerbal Mention
Jay Singh BhadoriaShri. B.S YeddurappaAIPPMVerbal Mention
Raghav JaiswalShri. Sachin PilotAIPPMVerbal Mention
Kushagra TanteeDelegate Of QatarDISECVerbal Mention
Saima SoniDelegate Of ChinaUNSCVerbal Mention
Suveer ChimnaniDelegate Of NetherlandsDISECVerbal Mention
Charvie KharnalDelegate of SpainUNHRCVerbal Mention


A three-day DPSRMUN 2022 conference was conducted on Friday, April1-3 April 2022 at Delhi Public School Rau Indore with the aim to develop a global perspective among students. Over 180 delegates took part in the event.

The hard work and toil of three days paid off for the Delhi Public School Rau, Indore students as the DPSR Model United Nations Conference concluded on Sunday. The valedictory function was mesmerizing and electrifying as it could be, befitting the grandeur DPSRMUN. The magnitude event started off with an encouraging address by the principal Ms.Asha Nair, she addressed all the delegates and gave a riveting discourse on the various agendas.

The Indo western dance performance by the talented DPSites stole the show, they showcased intercultural collaboration.

It was a pleasure to have Dr. Varun Kapoor - ADGP Indore as the chief guest and Mr. Nitin and Dr.Dharam Varma as special guests. Dr. Varun Kapoor addressed the congregation and he spoke of various relevant and relatable concepts. He presented a dynamic ideology, which will surely help the delegates outside of it as well.

“It is an excellent stage for all students to articulate their thoughts and develop their leadership potential, and an ideal opportunity to understand the concerns of their counterparts and gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the world” one of the parents reported.

“Most importantly, the students learned the finer nuances of conducting meaningful research and oratory skills.” Teachers reported in one sync.

The Media team of DPS Rau presented the MUN journal - 'UDAAN' followed by a daily edition that covered the everyday proceedings across various committees of the conference.The final publications are a result of an intense process that involves Conceptualization, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Creativity. Involvement through each step of the process, keeping the theme of the conference in mind, students from the IP team worked towards creating these publications, working as writers, editors, photographers, and caricaturists. With each step of learning, unlearning and relearning becomes pivotal with the International Media playing the role of the 'watchdogs'.

Zainab Pithawala, Secretary General of DPSRMUN 2022, recited the poem to enlighten the mood before declaring the second chapter of DPSRMUN 2022 "Close".

Result of DPSRMUN 2022 :-
  1. WHO Best delegate- USA High Commendation- FRANCE Special Mention-ISRAEL
  2. UNESCO Best delegate- FRANCE High Commendation Special Mention
  3. DISEC Best Delegate- CHINA High Commendation- VENEZUELA Special Mention- JAPAN
  4. UN WOMEN Best Delegate- GERMANY High Commendation- USA Special Mention- Brazil
  5. UNHRC Best Delegate- China High Commendation- USA Special Mention- GERMANY
  6. LOK SABHA Best Delegate- SONIA GANDHI High Commendation- GAUTAM GAMBHIR Special Mention- ADALA PRABHAKA REDDY