Why Study at DPS Rau

Why study at DPS Rau?

Why study at DPS Rau?

Being acknowledged as one of the best schools of Indore and proliferated in a sprawling 36-acre campus, Delhi Public School Rau is an inspiring environment, with many feathers in its prestigious cap, for ambitious young minds to embrace the world with all its diversity.

We are an institute that offers a plethora of broad and balanced academic, artistic, practical, and physical education so that our enthusiastic learners can explore talents and interests to the fullest, under one roof.

We aim to escort each individual towards a confident, resourceful, independent, and happy adulthood that is well-qualified and groomed in every way. So, if you share the same vision and dream for your child as we do, Delhi Public School Rau is the right choice for you as we value your child and believe in Creating Happy Learners !! 

Experienced Faculty

Well trained faculty by Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi. DPS Rau is known for her dedicated professional faculty members who are passionate, robust, and vigorous about education. They go beyond conventional teaching techniques, leveraging innovative strategies to motivate, inspire, boost, and engage students, ensuring their academic success.

If you have the zeal and alacrity to aspire, DPS is here to chisel and shape the future of young India. 

Individualized Attention

Each pupil in DPS Rau is unique, with their resilience and areas of growth. We recognize the sense of individualized attention and offer a student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1, enabling our team of educators to tailor their instruction pattern to meet the needs of each learner.

Experiential Learning

At DPS, we believe that wisdom, learning, and knowledge should evolve beyond the classroom. Through field trips, hands-on projects, and community service opportunities, we provide students with real-world experiences that exacerbate their compassion and foster a sense of social responsibility.

Holistic day boarding

Delhi Public School Rau emphatically has an extra edge over others as elite-class education coupled with diverse engaging occupations for a few more hours in a day is offered to young and enthusiastic learners. Students sail and learn under the expertise and supervision of accomplished mentors, and the procreators have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in a guarded environment.

This way, both stakeholders are at ease.

Day Boarding culture proves to be sagacious in various ways viz. -

  1. Personality development
  2. Better social life quotient
  3. Advanced skill development (more exposure to sports along with academics)
  4. Safe and familiar environment
  5. Teacher-student interaction
  6. Reduction in workload
  7. Nutritious, sumptuous and balanced diet
  8. Indore's first Bagless school

Thus, our unique approach is perfect and excellent for the parents and the students as both can spend quality time with each other without any apprehension.

New-age smart classes

We at DPS Rau believe that our young minds are the creators of a better and sustainable future, thus creating an advanced nation. Supporting the same and being at par with the 21st-century learning methodologies, 'Smart Classes' in the school support the future vision where the students are trained in active learning, resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility. Smart classes allow students to develop skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. Also, the availability of ample resources helps them learn at their own pace and makes them self-reliant. This transformative learning enables the students along with the mentors to make an effective transition into the new era of learning. 

Indore's first bagless school

Delhi Public School is the first to introduce the concept of a bagless school to reduce the amount of stress that the children carry each day in their minds and backpacks. This policy is backed by NEP 2020, stating the same and promoting a holistic and skill-based approach to education, thus fostering all-around development and equipping them with essential vocational competencies without any burden.

Reason being, the students are stress-free on campus with academic/sports and emotional balance at home and school.