Class I – Class II

Class I - Class II

Class I - Class II

Holistic Day Boarding

Every child who steps foot in the school in the morning, is diligently looked after, keeping his wholesome development in mind.We believe in nurturing brains with significant knowledge making optimum usage of the modern and updated resources & technology in the school.

The day begins with a nutritious breakfast followed by a balanced     noon meal and the day ends with a relishing teatime snack

Smart Classes

At DPS Rau, classrooms are equipped with Smart boards that help students understand, visually relate, and grasp subject matters and  concepts by thinking in three-dimensional space.

Bagless School

DPS Rau has the concept of bag less school, so the student can have  more quality time with the parents. All the books & stationery material is kept in the class rooms to inculcate the habit of self-study.

We encourage students to have more freedom to move around, participate in group activities, and explore practical learning opportunities. This approach fosters creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration among students, leading to a more holistic and meaningful educational experience

Experiential Learning

We inculcate activities and lessons into the daily routine that allows students to gain meaningful, interactive & hands-on experiences related to real-life challenges are conducted on everyday basis.

Correlating academic topics to real-world experiences to help students learn and apply their knowledge in a much more realistic & individualistic manner.

Home Away From Home

‘Home's Echo in Every Step, Where Learning and Adventure Intersect.’

Our Campuses boast of CCTV Surveillance and Vigilant Security, building a secure environment for the Child. The children are surrounded by like-minded peers and supporting faculty who enrich their learning journey. They have access to the best-in-class infrastructure with air-conditions(only for pre-primary). The on-campus Mess is equipped to provide a nutritious and balanced diet for children.

Thematic Curriculum

At DPS Rau, we use a Theme Based Approach of teaching and learning that connects multiple areas of the curriculum together to integrate it within a theme.Children understand their unique strengths, explore multiple ways of learning and apply the acquired skills. Students receive ample opportunities to enhance their social, cognitive, emotional and physical development that strengthen their personal skills, life skills, academic skills and critical thinking.

Pedagogical Training

Training programs  are designed to develop and enhance the classroom practice of teachers across all subjects.

Teaching Techonology
Each classroom has its own learning culture encouraging creative and application-based learning. Our teachers make use of various creative methods and activities to display what we usually learn in the form of textbooks.

Literacy : Literacy deals with the basics of reading and writing, where we  focus on

  • fluent conversational skills.
  • Regular story time
  • Regular reading time

Numeracy : Children are encouraged to understand the relevance of numeracy in their day-to-day life through

  • Math communication
  • Do and discover

Environmental awareness : The curriculum focuses on exposing a child to the environment around him through

  • Theme related events
  • Hands on & Experiential Learning
Co – Curricular Activities

Sports help students develop a more positive attitude towards themselves, improve inter - personal behavior and a willingness to meet and deal with the challenges of day to day. Keeping this in mind we have various activities namely Skating, Swimming, Taekwondo, Yoga, Basket ball etc.


To break the conventional path of learning and to explore their field of interest, we offer different Club Activities like - Wiki Whiz club, Fast and Fluent club, Line 'A' Carta club,Mathmagician etc.

Enrichment Classes

classes are schedule to enhance the knowledge of students beyond the text. One to One Interaction with the students on daily basis.


Here at DPS Rau, our study programs are not only based on theoretical learnings in classrooms. We always try to reinforce students with various different field trips as well so everyone can taste the learning experience first-hand.