Class IX – XII

Class IX - XII

Class IX - XII

"Navigating Tomorrow: Academics Transformed by NEP 2020 at DPS RAU”

We at DPS RAU believe in making every learning experience joyful for the child. While planning the methodology to transact the curriculum, the “Joy Quotient” is maintained as the top priority. The instruction comprises both formal and non-formal teaching techniques. Role play, hands on activities, labs and projects are a regular feature of the lesson plans.

The NEP emphasizes the importance of holistic development, which includes not only academic knowledge but also the development of life skills, sports, arts, and vocational education. We are dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel in all aspects of life

We incorporate modern technology and digital tools into our teaching methods, making education more engaging and relevant to the digital age.

Ethical and moral values, as well as an understanding of constitutional principles and responsible citizenship, are integral parts of our educational approach, instilling in our students a sense of social responsibility.

Students often face a range of academic and emotional challenges like Anxiety and stress, Low self-esteem, and Motivation issues., that hinder their learning progress. Recognizing the need to address these challenges is essential for fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. For the same we do:

  1. Regular assessments and examinations
  2. Teacher observations
  3. Parent-teacher meetings
  4. Student self-assessment
  5. Counselling services
Besides this we do individualised learning plans for each pupil as per need
Globalization has transformed the way we live, work, and communicate, breaking down barriers and connecting people across the world. In the realm of education, globalization has paved the way for international student exchange programs, which play a vital role in shaping the educational experiences of students and preparing them for the challenges of our interconnected world. Student exchange programs promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, breaking down stereotypes and promoting tolerance. Exposure to different languages enhances students' language skills, making them more competitive in the global job market. Students gain a broader worldview, which is crucial for addressing global challenges and making informed decisions
Our students have been involved in the same and have visited countries like France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherland.
Early career counselling enables students to align their educational choices with their long-term career goals, fostering holistic development. Students who receive career guidance from an early stage are better equipped to handle the pressures of academic and career-related decisions. Identifying and nurturing a student's talents and interests from a young age can lead to the maximization of their potential.
In the educational voyage, the critical juncture of selecting the right career path emerges as a defining moment, particularly during the pivotal years of Class 9 and 10. Mindler, an esteemed career counselling platform, emerges as an indispensable partner for DPS RAU seamlessly integrating its expertise to enhance the educational experience. By guiding students through these formative years, Mindler empowers them to make well-informed career choices, aligning their interests, strengths, and aspirations with their educational pursuits.
Together, we are shaping the future of our students and our nation's educational landscape in line with the aspirations of the NEP 2020.